Global Initiative for Sustainable Eggs

GISE's goal is to achieve production that is environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable.

GISE’s goals …

The IEC is proud to have launched the Global Initiative for Sustainable Egg Production  (GISE), established as a multi-stakeholder initiative with representation across the value chain in egg production and consumption. This programme is aimed at stimulating discussion and addressing initiatives that will carve the way for sustainable egg production for future generations.


To enhance and create an egg value chain that believes in and displays socially responsibility, whilst being environmentally sound and economically sustainable.


The Global Initiative for Sustainable Eggs will champion continuous development and improvement in sustainability across the global egg value chain through multi-sector stakeholder engagement, collaboration, knowledge sharing, sound science and leadership.

Our Foundations

The Foundations of the Global Initiative for Sustainable Eggs are:

  1. Environment and Natural Resources
  2. Feed the World with Safe Affordable High Quality Protein
  3. People and the Community
  4. Animal Health & Welfare
  5. Efficiency and Innovation

IEC has brought together a project working group consisting of industry, scientists and NGO’s to develop the initial concept and structure, and to define relevant and objective criteria that respect the above Foundations.

The IEC is proudly supported by

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